Introducing ST((O))NE[D]! our quarterly-ish rag devoted to lo-fi/ experimental/ avant-garde/ dada/ cubist/nonconformist writing and art.

With the Dadaist (1919) and Surrealist (1924) Manifestoes published about 100 years ago, we want to celebrate the history and art with a magazine (read: collaborative evolving manifesto) of our own. Because these once radical experimentations in literature have been folded into the curriculum of academia we wonder where is the new, subversive revolution of the mind? Where is the nonconformist art and writing? What depths of the subconscious have we yet to explore?  

We’re accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Please send us up to three (3) pages of writing. Up to six (6) images of artwork/hybrid work. Send us your strange, grotesque, avant-garde, heavy experimental. Send us your manifestoes, dirge, commentary, roasts and prophecies. Send us chattering, ramblings, your hybrid, your we-don’t-even-know-what-the-fuck-to-call-this, send us your revolution.

Please reference ST((O))NE[D]! and anyother info you feel necessary to include.

Interested in receiving the zine? Please fill out the form below.