Nate Hoil

The Crowd Is Cheering For My Nemesis

Life is just a matter of time.

I go make a baby; the baby is a newborn version of me.
I take my baby to family dinner,
and everyone thinks my baby is a miserable fuck. 

You need a plunger for all his bullshit. 
His pants get pissed as fast as the speed of light!

My family agrees that one Nate Hoil is more than enough.
And that my baby is mentally ill. 
And that I never should have made him in the first place. 

Still, life is all about sex, and I have sex with my penis;
life is about the whole world 
having sex with my penis. 

I spend all day studying 
myself in the mirror.
There are no other babies, except mine. 

An avalanche of eyeballs

Reading and writing are not as difficult as brain surgery.
I'm in the hospital, 
performing surgery on my own brain. 

I've been out of my mind lately; 
I'm feeling out of it, 
waiting patiently in the emergency room. 

If I'm going to die, then I'll see you later!
My mind is a wide-open door.

(Nothing can stop me from thinking out loud!)
Now, I can't see the rain,
if there's any rain out there. 

This hospital is a castle made of cash. 

Everyone’s naked and everyone’s fine.

The dancers are vivid in their see-through dresses.
They stand in the road
and grope themselves between two identical armies. 

As for me, I'm the crown on the head of a headless king. 
You could blind me with your beautiful light!

All my enemies are tagging along
behind me, in camouflage
with leaves and branches tucked into their helmets.

I turn around and almost don't see them. 
The sky lights up like a baby coming out of the womb. 

I have so much life left to live
in my life bar. 
I will never hang out with you. 

More protein than one thousand eggs.

I organize my thoughts (by pounding my head with my fists).
Out the window, 
the children are taking apart a parked car. 

Things are so funny, like: hahahahaha!

My brain gets so strong that I wet my pants. 
Everyone that I see on the street is my nemesis.

The crowd outside is cheering,
but not for me. 
The crowd is cheering for my nemesis. 

Before I walk in the house, I always check the mailbox for bombs. 
It's not what you think, 
so you better stop thinking!

Scorpio energy drinks.

I always speak my mind, and my mind is evil. 
For the love of God, 
keep those prayers in your head!

I could never be a critic;
don't ask me, "What's good?"

But, here comes the sun and the stars and the moon!

I want you to know that
your ass is grass.
Your ass is a Goddamn tangle of weeds.

Everyone's girlfriend has an ass
like a delicate flower.
(My girlfriend has an ass like a Venus flytrap.)

if you want things to be good... 


Nate Hoil parties in hell.


Interview with Nate Hoil