From the realization that there is a stone waiting for us comes bs/ws. From the realization that we have also been that stone comes bs/ws. From the realization that ink is in our blood, even if it’s not in our name. From out this black and white world comes bs/ws. Our name comes from the Cesar Vallejo poem and we want to honor it through surreal and experimental poems. We are a deep dive zine. Each issue we will take a deep dive into one poet who expresses a need to explore & hammer away at what it means to exist.


Daniel J Flosi lives with his family in Rock Island, IL. Daniel works as a field engineering technician within the fire & life safety industry. Daniel is a poetry reader @ Five South, and has work broadly published including forthcoming or recent work in ELJ- Scissors & Spackle, Funicular magazine, Inklette, Tiny Wren Lit, Zero Readers, & The Good Life Review.

Read more here: https://dkflosi.wordpress.com/